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Rupert and I are eager to hear about your experiences with your own dogs.  Please go to our webpage,, and send us your own stories.  And while you’re at it, why don’t you conduct your own experiment and document it in a logbook.  We’ll show you how!

Making Sense of a Sixth Sense: When the World of Why Becomes the World of Woo

As young children engage in their surroundings and attempt to make sense of the world, one of the first words they utter is ‘why?’ The insatiable desire of children to know ‘why’ is a spontaneous and normal reaction to the introduction of new stimuli.   And as long as the tried and true material view of… Read More…

News and Reviews for MAX’S MATH

  “Max and his lively imagination (Max’s Words, etc.) are back for a fourth outing. This time around, Max hits the highway; as usual, his older brothers go along for the ride. What are Max’s plans for their road trip? “To look for problems…Because it’s fun.” With a long scarf looped jauntily around his neck,… Read More…