Mama’s Little Baby

Illustrated by Karin Littlewood Published August 2001

Baby coos loudly. He clucks his tongue. Mama clucks back. “You’re a little chick,” she says. In this lyrically, rhythmic text, a mother plays with her baby, copying the sounds and sights of his new world: the softly blowing wind, the sound of falling rain, the blackness of night, and the brightness of day But the most precious thing she shows him is a mother’s love. A special gift for those welcoming a new baby into the world, this beautiful picture book simply and warmly expresses the joy of sharing a baby’s first experiences.

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The Guardian

This is a book about the intimacy between a mother and baby which I predicted would prove seductive to mothers but be a dead loss for children. I was wrong: older children enjoy condescending to babies in picture books – and babies themselves (of the two-year-old variety) love seeing all the interaction between mother and baby and solemnly absorb the mother’s tenderness. —Kate Kellaway