Max’s Word Wednesday: Prosperity

Prosperity is: 1: the condition of being successful or thriving. Example: The rabbit wished for a happy new year with plenty of peace, prosperity, and contentment for everyone. Wishing all of you a happy New Year! Check back with Max in 2015 for plenty of new wondrous and wonderful words!

Max’s Word Wednesday: Gaze

To gaze is: 1: to fix the eyes in a steady, intent look. Example:  Soon the stars came out.  That was what the rabbit was waiting for.  He gazed up at them.  Then he chose one and made a wish. What did rabbit wish for?  Check back next week and find out…

The Neuroscience of Dystopia

Try getting a teenager to read a quiet, reflective book and you’ll probably get the response, “It’s boring.”   Today’s teens prefer stories that keep the adrenalin pumping, whether action packed thrillers or dark dramas.  Explanations for the rise in popularity of dystopian books range from theories of escapism to comfort.  It has been suggested that…

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Max’s Word Wednesday: Nibble

To nibble is: 1: to eat slowly or with small bites 2: to bite something very gently Example: The rabbit stopped to nibble on some grass.  Then he sat back and waited until it grew dark.  When it grew dark he waited some more. What was the rabbit waiting for?  Check back next Wednesday and find out……

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The Gift of Words

I love words. To me they are the pieces that have allowed me to construct the puzzle of my life and to understand and elaborate on the ‘puzzling’ parts of life. They have given me the ability to communicate, to share ideas and feelings, and to do what humans do best—build relationships. To me words…

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Max’s Word Wednesday: Trail

To trail is: 1: to pull (something) behind you especially on the ground 2: to be pulled behind someone or something 3: to walk or move slowly as you follow behind (someone or something) Example:  Max hid behind the tree and waited for the furry ball to come out of the hollow.  It was a rabbit!…

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Max’s Word Wednesday: Squint

To squint is: 1: to look with a side glance (as in jealously); to be cross-eyed 2: to look or peer with eyes partly closed Example: Max squinted into the hollow at the foot of the tree and a bushy tail appeared. Was it a squirrel, or a rabbit, or something else?  Check in next week and find out.

The Death of Imagination

While I don’t agree with the search to reproduce the God particle, I admit that the idea is about as imaginative as one gets. Neville Goddard, one of the 20th century’s most influential figures in the New Thought Field, proffered the use of imagination to create or alter reality.  Simply stated, his premise was “Imagine…

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