Woof! Available now: BOY’S BEST FRIEND by Kate Banks and Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert and I are eager to hear about your experiences with your own dogs.  Please go to our webpage, boysbestfriend.net, and send us your own stories.  And while you’re at it, why don’t you conduct your own experiment and document it in a logbook.  We’ll show you how!

Making Sense of a Sixth Sense: When the World of Why Becomes the World of Woo

As young children engage in their surroundings and attempt to make sense of the world, one of the first words they utter is ‘why?’ The insatiable desire of children to know ‘why’ is a spontaneous and normal reaction to the introduction of new stimuli.   And as long as the tried and true material view of…

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News and Reviews for MAX’S MATH

  “Max and his lively imagination (Max’s Words, etc.) are back for a fourth outing. This time around, Max hits the highway; as usual, his older brothers go along for the ride. What are Max’s plans for their road trip? “To look for problems…Because it’s fun.” With a long scarf looped jauntily around his neck,…

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Max’s Word Wednesday: Cower

To cower is: 1: to shrink away or crouch especially for shelter from something that is frightening. Example: The squirrel cowered in the corner of the crate. “Don’t be afraid,” said Max, holding out a hand.  He wondered if the squirrel would bite. Did the squirrel bite?  Check back next Wednesday and find out.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad …MATH?

When I suggested to my publisher that Max (MAX’S WORDS, MAX’S DRAGON, MAX’S CASTLE) transition from words to numbers they were elated. But when I wanted to call my new book MAX’S MATH the editorial staff and marketing department issued a collective cringe. They were intimidated by the word MATH. Coming from a place of…

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Max’s Word Wednesday: Rafter

A rafter is: 1: any of the parallel beams that support a roof. Example:  A squirrel had squeezed in from under a rafter in the roof and chewed a hole in the crate. What did the squirrel do when it saw Max?  Check back next Wednesday and find out.

Max’s Word Wednesday: Crate

A crate is: 1: a wooden or plastic box used for storage or for moving things from one place to another. Example:  The thud was coming from inside a wooden crate.  Max opened the lid of the crate,  and two large round eyes were staring back at him. What was in the crate?  Check back next Wednesday…

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Max’s Word Wednesday: Thud

A thud is: 1: a dull sound like a thump. Example: Max climbed the stairs and and when he got to the top he heard a thud. What do you think the thud was?  Check back next Wednesday and find out.

Max’s Word Wednesday: Eerie

Eerie means 1: scary or causing fear Example:  The door creaked opened and Max found himself standing at the foot of a dark and eerie staircase. What do you think?  Did Max climb the stairs?  Check back next wednesday and find out.

Max’s Word Wednesday: Prosperity

Prosperity is: 1: the condition of being successful or thriving. Example: The rabbit wished for a happy new year with plenty of peace, prosperity, and contentment for everyone. Wishing all of you a happy New Year! Check back with Max in 2015 for plenty of new wondrous and wonderful words!