News and Reviews for MAX’S MATH

  “Max and his lively imagination (Max’s Words, etc.) are back for a fourth outing. This time around, Max hits the highway; as usual, his older brothers go along for the ride. What are Max’s plans for their road trip? “To look for problems…Because it’s fun.” With a long scarf looped jauntily around his neck,…

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Max’s Word Wednesday: Cower

To cower is: 1: to shrink away or crouch especially for shelter from something that is frightening. Example: The squirrel cowered in the corner of the crate. “Don’t be afraid,” said Max, holding out a hand.  He wondered if the squirrel would bite. Did the squirrel bite?  Check back next Wednesday and find out.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad …MATH?

When I suggested to my publisher that Max (MAX’S WORDS, MAX’S DRAGON, MAX’S CASTLE) transition from words to numbers they were elated. But when I wanted to call my new book MAX’S MATH the editorial staff and marketing department issued a collective cringe. They were intimidated by the word MATH. Coming from a place of…

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Max’s Word Wednesday: Rafter

A rafter is: 1: any of the parallel beams that support a roof. Example:  A squirrel had squeezed in from under a rafter in the roof and chewed a hole in the crate. What did the squirrel do when it saw Max?  Check back next Wednesday and find out.