Max’s Word Wednesday: Tendril

Max’s Word of the Day today is Tendril. A Tendril is: 1 : a slender leafless winding stem by which some climbing plants fasten themselves to a support 2 : something that curls like a tendril (a tendril of hair) Example:  Max found a tendril of hair in his bowl of soup. “Yuck!” he said.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Not long ago the New York Times featured an article about the languishing picture book-a premise that continues to be challenged.  So while we wait the demise of either one or the other, I’d like to remind parents, educators and the reading public of the value of interacting with a picture book, aside from the…

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Watch the City Cat Trailer

Wanted to share a new trailer and a review of CITY CAT that comes out in November. The art is done by the talented Lauren Castillo. The positive review is available at