Max’s Word Wednesday: Crate

A crate is: 1: a wooden or plastic box used for storage or for moving things from one place to another. Example:  The thud was coming from inside a wooden crate.  Max opened the lid of the crate,  and two large round eyes were staring back at him. What was in the crate?  Check back next Wednesday…

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Max’s Word Wednesday: Thud

A thud is: 1: a dull sound like a thump. Example: Max climbed the stairs and and when he got to the top he heard a thud. What do you think the thud was?  Check back next Wednesday and find out.

Max’s Word Wednesday: Eerie

Eerie means 1: scary or causing fear Example:  The door creaked opened and Max found himself standing at the foot of a dark and eerie staircase. What do you think?  Did Max climb the stairs?  Check back next wednesday and find out.