Illustrated by Georg Hallensleben Published March 2004

On his first trip into the world, a baby baboon meets a very slow turtle and concludes that the world is slow. But then, as his mother takes him farther afield, he sees much more: he watches a hungry crocodile, a thundering herd of elephants, a swift gazelle, a rhinoceros. He feels the heat of a fire, the softness of grass, the warmth of the sun. Throughout the day, everything he experiences expands his understanding, and when night falls, he has seen with his own eyes that the world is a big and varied place.

With its simple, rhythmic text and bold, impressionistic jungle pictures, Baboon is a book to share with children as they explore their own new worlds.

Published in Paperback March 2004 and in Hardcover April 1997.

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School Library Journal

The impressionistic illustrations reinforce the calm mood of the well-written text. The words and pictures are perfectly matched and equally compelling. A good choice for parent-child sharing.


In a reassuring yet uncompromising manner, Banks opens young children’s eyes to the message that there is more to their universe than they might know or understand. The chunky artwork, executed in jungle hues, features strong central images that work exceptionally well for the age group. A book that will support children’s own questioning. –Ilene Cooper