Lenny’s Space

Published September 2007

Nine-year-old Lenny Brewster is captivated by the world – the mysteries of machines, the magic of snow, the pure joy of a perfect ride down a slippery slide. He knows a lot, but not how to share it with others. Of course, it doesn’t help having an absent father, a preoccupied mother, and a teacher and peers who don’t like him. Lenny spends much of his time in the principal’s office or alone, absorbed in his ideas. Then he meets Van, a kindred spirit, and Muriel, the canny school therapist. Their simple acceptance of Lenny helps him find his place at last.

Written with incisive prose, smart humor, and profound wisdom, Lenny’s Space is not only about recognizing the possibilities life affords us and the challenge of coming to grips with its sometimes difficult realities, but also about the triumphant, undying power of true friendship.

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Kirkus Reviews

[A] gem of a novel . . . Graceful and touching.

Publishers Weekly

This exceptional portrait…will fortify readers in their efforts to find their own spaces, much as Lenny learns to claim his. —Starred Review

Horn Book

Both Lenny and the reader will hang on to Muriel’s quiet wisdom long after the story is over.