Monkeys and Dog Days

Illustrated by Tomek Bogacki Published August 2008

Max and his older brother, Pete, are getting a dog. A dog needs to be played with. That’s the fun part. But a dog also needs to be fed, bathed, and walked. Max and Pete promise to share the responsibilities. But when Fudge comes to live with them, it isn’t long before Pete decides that a dog is more work than he thought, and Max discovers that there are unexpected rewards for being the dependable one.

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The endearing characters and appealing plot will encourage [readers] to return to the monkey brothers again and again.

The storyline will not only keep a reader interested, but it will teach him or her a little something about responsibility.

School Library Journal

The story, divided into four chapters, includes a sprinkling of fun facts about dogs and emphasizes important lessons about responsibility, loyalty, and cooperation. —Linda L. Walkins, Mount Saint Joseph Academy, Brighton, MA