The Bird, the Monkey, and the Snake in the Jungle

Illustrated by Tomek Bogacki Published March 1999

This is a story in words and pictures about a bird, a monkey, and a snake who have an adventure together. Along the way they meet a family of squirrels, a hungry alligator, an enormous spider, a fierce tiger, and a friendly frog–and they find a new home.

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Publishers Weekly

Delicate, dense color and a mannered geometric layout politely call for attention in this rebus picture book …There’s no flipping pages back and forth to read a master key; instead, at the top right of each spread, a helpful mini-key presents the pages’ discrete symbols and what they represent. The text is laid out inventively—vertically, diagonally, etc. —but always clearly. This strategically structured volume, more puzzle than plot, makes an aesthetically pleasing introductory study in grammar, jungle life and cooperation.

School Library Journal

…the primitive-style illustrations, set on backgrounds of green and blue, have a Gauguin-like quality that captures the mystery and magic of the jungle. The story of friends who learn the value of sharing has been told many times but the rebus format puts a fresh spin on the tale. —Dawn Amsberry, formerly at Oakland Public Library, CA